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How does one write burn out? If for Berlant writing is a performance of stuckness, why can’t I write? Because I am surely stuck.


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Those who say such and such is unafrican do not see the assiduous, constant work it takes to shore up normative things as African.

Ways Of Seeing

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I am thinking about what horror movies teach us about blind spots, getting blindsided, backdoor looking, around-the-corner looking, about the receding contours of blurry figures at the edge of sight. And perhaps I am simply grappling with Povinelli’s notion of the difficulty of “seeing what is [in] front of our eyes but outside our field of vision.”


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Someone said “the transnational turn in American studies” and I started falling asleep…


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WAIT FOR IT, here it comes: aphanisis.


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The goal is to be dead inside, with lots of muscle on top.


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